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Bang & Clean: mobile cleaning solution for boiler

Product Details



Similar with shock wave soot blower, Bang & Clean technology is an effective online cleaning solution for soot deposits in various boilers fired by coal, biomass, especially for waste incineration plant. Only it is a mobile unit.


Working principle


Bang & Clean system removes ash fouling on boiler heat exchanger surface by the pressure wave generated by explosion of fuel gas. Acetylene and oxygen at specified ratio is mixed, and then ignited by remote ignitor. The detonation of fuel gas could generate pressure wave. Within affected area, ash fouling on boiler tubes could be removed by the powerful air blast, or by subsequent vibration of tubes.


This is a video from working site:


Bang & Cleaning system control cabinet

PLC control box


Bang & Clean system control cabinet

Air & gas distribution control box


Bang & Clean system lance

Lance tube


Working process


  1. A lance tube is brought into targeted area within boiler through manhole or view opening.
  2. A plastic bag tied to the end of lance tube is filled with mixed fuel gas.
  3. Explosion gas is ignited via a remote ignitor.
  4. A powerful pressure wave is generated.
  5. Soot deposit nearby is cleaned by the air blast.




Bang & Clean system could effectively reduce flue gas temperature, increase boiler output, minimize shutdown times to generate more profits for customers.




  • Especially suitable with waste incineration plant.
  • Mobile unit with flexible operation to clean dead corner when compared with a fixed unit.
  • Quick coupling for acetylene and oxygen pipeline.
  • Modular design, easy to use and move.
  • Optimized system with safe application, emergency shutoff device equipped.




cleaning performance comparison

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