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Geckointech was established with the mission to serve overseas power plants. Power plant is a complex system that requires regular inspection and maintenance to make it work safely, reliably and efficiently. Every year, lots of money is spent on power generation facility for overhauling, rehabilitation, retrofitting or replacement. With decades of industry experience, Geckointech has the ability to control every process from engineering, fabrication, quality inspection, shipping, commissioning, training to ensure a wonderful delivery for clients.

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About Us

Geckointech is made up by a group of expertised engineer, technician, supervisor, sales, and service team. Each of them has some professional skills in certain area, and is dedicated in the job to create value for customers.

Project Gallery

ESP dust removal by sonic horn

Sonic horn

ESP dust removal by acoustic solution to reduce emission into environment.

coal bunker blockage solution

Anti-clogging solution

Reliable machine to prevent coal bunker blockage in thermal power plant.

retractable soot blower

Soot blower

Retractable soot blower to clean soot deposit on boiler tube for a higher efficiency.

rotary APH heat transfer elements

Rotary APH baskets

Rotary air preheater elements replacement for better heat transfer.

Why Choose Us

Professional team

Experienced staff to give you effective and productive commnucation.

Quality product

Reliable quality to ensure minimized maintenance and downtime cost.

Diverse supply

From mechanical, electrical to chemical and consumables, we can give what you want.

On-time delivery

Well planned schedule to avoid unexpected delay in project progress.

Reach out to professional power plant sourcing team

Lots of maintenance work is done in thermal power plants every year. Equipment and spare parts are replaced due to aging or obsoleteness. With a proven record of successful projects, Geckointech has excellent capability to coordinate with power plant annual purchase for MRO, and make sure products are in place when needed. We can help clients to optimize performance, avoid unplanned shutdown, minimize maintenance cost and prevent accident.


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