Sonic soot blower

Product Details



Sonic soot blower is used for boiler heating surface, ESP cleaning, SCR cleaning, to eliminate bulk material buildup and blockage in bag house, cyclone dust collector, silo/hopper, ductworks,

Sonic soot blower system consists of sound generator, horn, air distribution pipes and PLC control system. It is used to clean soot deposits on superheater, evaporator, economizer, air preheater, SCR reactor system, ESP dust collector. Also, it could be used for baghouse, cyclone dust collector, silo/hopper, ductworks to eliminate bulk material build-up and blockage.


Working principle


Sonic horn is powered by air and controlled electrically by solenoid valve. Diaphragm made of Ti alloy could generate high intensity, low frequency (75-125Hz) sound wave inside the resonant cavity of sound generator. The sound wave is spread by horn in resonant transmission. When it reaches on the surface of accumulated soot, acoustic energy could break the bond between particles. Soot deposit gets loose and falls down.




  1. No consumption of steam and fuel gas.
  2. Fully automatic cleaning controlled by PLC program, on-line cleaning system.
  3. Low maintenance, no mechanical wearing parts




power plant sonic soot blower

for boiler heat exchanger


SCR catalyst cleaning

for SCR catalyst cleaning


sonic soot blower for baghouse cleaning

for baghouse dust cleaning


sonic horn for silo cleaning

for silo & hopper cleaning


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