Pneumatic rapping system

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To keep boiler running at a high thermal efficiency, cleaning is required to remove soot buildup on tubes. There are different ways for boiler cleaning. Pneumatic rapping system is one of them. It uses compressed air as medium to generate tube bundles vibration. Soot deposit on heating surface is shaken off in oscillation motion.




Pneumatic rapping system consists of air pipe, cable, drag chain, rail track, carriage, beam, pneumatic hammer, control unit, etc.


Working principle


When carriage driven by motor moves, it will automatically stop right in front of beam when sensor detects signals from reflector. Solenoid valve will open, pneumatic hammer will hit on the beam, which will transfer impact force to the end of header pipe. It will cause vibration to shake off soot deposit on heating surface. Carriage will travel from one end to the other to hid the beam in sequence.


Installation & layout


pneumatic rapper

Normally, pneumatic rapper is installed for superheater, evaporator, economizer at horizontal boiler passes. Pneumatic rapping system is installed at both left and right side of boiler. Two opposite rappers will work at the same time to achieve better cleaning performance.


pneumatic rapping system


We require basic information for the design of pneumatic rapping system. Its cleaning frequency and impact force is adjustable by DCS or local control cabinet. As a famous manufacturer in China, we provide both mechanical and pneumatic rapping system for various waste heat boiler.


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