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Condensate polishing unit

Product Details

We provide medium pressure condensate polisher (filter and mixed bed ion exchanger in series) for thermal power plant.


Condensate polisher could remove suspended or ionic state impurities.


PLC/DCS controlled condensate polishing system is modular design, flexible combination.


Benefits of condensate polisher


  1. Reduce salt content and Cu & Fe corrosion product in condensate, improve feed water & steam quality.
  2. Reduce deposit of corrosion product in boiler steam cycle, improve thermal efficiency, reduce acid pickling times.
  3. Start condensate treatment when boiler starts, shorten startup time, reduce water consumption during startup.
  4. Keep boiler in continuous operation when slight leakage happens to steam condenser, reduce shutdown caused by condenser leakage. provide time for boiler shutdown in normal procedure when big leakage happens.

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