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Wastewater treatment

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We are professional team engaged in various industrial wastewater treatment. We have dedicated team to provide cost-effective solution for wastewater treatment in thermal power plant.


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water investment, project consulting & engineering, design, fabrication, project construction, installation, commissioning, training, business operation, etc.


In thermal power plant, various wastewater from flushing, chemical cleaning, regeneration, overhaul, makeup water treatment, open circuit cooling water treatment, condensate polishing could be collected and treated. These water will go through pH adjustment, flocculation, sedimentation, neutralization process, then become clean water and stored in pool. Wastewater treatment in thermal power plant helps to achieve water reclamation. Wastewater treatment system is equipped with chemical agent preparation unit, weighing & dosing unit, valves, instruments to run automatically.


waste water in power plant


Oily wastewater treatment


Oily wastewater mainly comes from steam turbine bearing cooling water, oil pump seal cooling water, lubrication oil tank, etc.


Process: lift pump → oil removal → effluent.


Chemical wastewater treatment


Chemical wastewater mainly comes from acid pickling, boiler blowdown, ion exchange resin regeneration, etc.


Process: wastewater → coagulation → effluent.


Flue gas desulfurization wastewater treatment


FGD wastewater is mostly acidic, and contains considerable suspended solids, heavy metal, COD, fluoride, etc. Impurities mainly comes from flue gas, supplementary water and chemical agent.


Process: FGD waste water → add alkali → flocculation → pH adjustment → effluent.


Ash & soot flushing wastewater treatment


Wastewater → coagulation → effluent.


Municipal wastewater treatment


Wastewater → pre-treatment → biochemical process → sterilization → filtration → reuse.


We have rich experience and successful cases with wastewater treatment in thermal power plant. Welcome to contact us for more info.


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