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Boiler makeup water treatment system

Product Details

We are engaged in design & manufacture of boiler makeup water treatment system. From membrane treatment, electrodeionization, ion exchange, seawater desalination to fabrication of filtration equipment, we have rich project experience to meet client’s requirement for water quality.


We have a professional team to work out different solution and proposal based on different water quality. We provide turnkey project service for boiler makeup treatment system. Our service includes technical proposal, engineering, equipment fabrication, control system design, commissioning, training, etc.


Business scope of boiler makeup water treatment system:


  • Reverse osmosis pre-treatment equipment: filtration, ultrafiltration, weak acid cation exchange, softening, etc.
  • Reverse osmosis: cartridge filter, high pressure pump, dosing unit, chemical cleaning device, etc.
  • Reverse osmosis post-treatment: ion exchange, EDI
  • Water source: surface water, underground water, brackish water, seawater, reclaimed water, etc.


Below are some photos of boiler makeup water treatment system in power plant.


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