High pressure feedwater heater

Product Details

High pressure feedwater heater is actually shell-tube heat exchanger designed for pre-heating of water fed into economizer. Bleed-off steam from turbine in shell pass would condensate into water and release heat, which is absorbed by feedwater in tube pass. As a famous boiler manufacturer, we have successfully delivered more than 2000 high pressure feedwater heaters to more than 400 power plants, and exported to more than 20 countries. We can design and manufacture for 12-1600MW subcritical, supercritical, ultra-supercritical and nuclear boiler unit. And balance of plant like low pressure heater, deaerator, flash tank can be supplied, too.


Benefits of our high pressure feedwater heater:


  1. Compact structure, small footprint.
  2. Long service life, stable performance.
  3. Anti-vibration, anti-leakage, anti-erosion.
  4. Convenient maintenance, welded structure, self-sealing manhole.
  5. Flexible with variable load of boiler, high heat exchange efficiency.
  6. Safe and reliable. Feedwater heater is a pressure vessel. We have quality control system for processes like material purchase, manufacture, inspection, test, etc.
  7. Advanced fabrication technology. Tube expansion is done after TIG welding. Hydraulic expansion to make sure no leakage at tube sheet.
  8. Strict control with condensate water level & speed to meet with client’s requirement of terminal difference between condensate water and feedwater.
  9. Safety valve, pressure gauge, thermometer, water level to make sure operation is safely and efficiently.

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