Low pressure feedwater heater

Product Details

Low pressure feedwater heater is a vertical/horizontal shell-tube heat exchanger in power plants. It uses bleeding-off steam from turbine to heat condensate water from condensate pump. Condensate in tube pass absorbs the heat released from steam in shell pass. This could increase temperature of feedwater, reduce the amount of exhaust steam in condenser, reduce energy loss, improve efficiency of thermodynamic system.


As the biggest manufacturer for low pressure feedwater heater in China, our design & fabrication & market share is leading position in the world. Our product is widely used in sectors like power, chemical, environmental protection, etc. We made the first low pressure feedwater heater for nuclear power unit and 1000MW coal-fired boiler unit in China. We could design & manufacture for 10~1700MW subcritical, supercritical, ultra-supercritical boiler and nuclear unit.


Features of our low pressure feedwater heater:


  1. Welded integral structure & expanded tube joint to avoid leakage, flange connection for easy disassembly.
  2. Advanced fabrication & non-destructive inspection ensure reliable performance.
  3. Heat exchange tube made of brass, steel or SS for choice.
  4. Optimal steam & water velocity, small resistance, high heat exchange efficiency.
  5. Equipped with water level monitor, regulator and alarm. Low pressure heater will be cut off when water level is high.
  6. Pressure gauge, thermometer, safety valve to ensure safety.


Reference project:


  1. Lingao Nuclear Power Station, 1000MW.
  2. Yangjiang Nuclear Power Station, 1000MW.
  3. Shanghai Waigaoqiao Power Station, 1000MW.
  4. Tirora Power Plant, 600MW, India.
  5. Wassit Power Plant, 300MW, Iraq.

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