Boiler maintenance platform

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Modular boiler platform is designed to carry personnel and equipment up and down inside furnace during inspection and maintenance work. It could be used for various size of boiler fired by coal, gas, biomass, solid waste in power plant or waste heat boiler in chemical, pharmaceutical, steel mill, paper mill, glasswork, etc. This suspended platform could help you to get quick and easy access to furnace roof, water wall, furnace nose arch, platen superheater within a distance 100-350mm. Compared with traditional scaffolding system, boiler maintenance platform has advantages like easy setup, untrammeled up and down, lower labor cost and higher safety level.




Suspended boiler platform consists of working deck, hand rail, safety barrier, hoisting mechanism, control system and safety protection system. Hinged panel could easily extend deck surface to match with different requirement in different cases.




  • Light weight aluminum construction. Galvanized steel structural frames.
  • Modular design for easy assembly and disassembly.
  • Customized design for a full-size platform to fit with boiler furnace.
  • Foldable structure.
  • All components could fit through 400-550mm manhole. For a 600MW unit, it takes only 24 hours of 8-12 persons to finish the installation.
  • When platform needs to keep stationary position, anti-swaying device will pedal against water wall to make it stable for welding work.


High safety level


For a suspended platform, safety is the priority when it comes to design job. We take multiple measurement to make sure it is safe when people working on it.


  • Steel wire rope with safety factor up to 14.
  • Interlocking panels give you a robust working platform.
  • Hoist motor could lock itself immediately when power is off to avoid uncontrolled falling of platform. When brake lever is pulled up, the platform will slide downwards slowly by its gravity.
  • When primary wire rope is broken, a backup rope of the same specification will be locked to prevent accident.
  • When platform tilting is up to 8 degree, tilt limiting device will act to prevent rollover.




Max load capacity: 2000kg

Point load: 2kN/m²

Max lift speed: 8.5m/min


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