Boiler steam distribution header

Product Details

Steam header function


Steam header is a key component for steam distribution system, and widely used in power generation, petrochemical, cement, iron & steel, textile, rubber industry. It delivers high pressure steam from boiler to places where steam is needed through parallel branch pipes. As a pressure vessel, its pressure bearing capability and volume should match with boiler.


Normally, a complete distribution system should consist steam header, safety valve, pressure gauge, thermometer, flange, steam trap, blowdown valve, release valve, etc.


Also, steam header could be used to receive and collect exhaust steam at low pressure, and send it back to condenser for recycle use of water.


steam distribution header



Fabrication material could be Q235B, 20G, 16MnR or stainless steel. Diameter ranges from 159 to 1500mm. working pressure could be 1-2.5MPa at 0~400℃.


stainless steel steam header



Steam header production process includes bending, beveling, drilling, SAW/TIG welding, etc.




  1. Standard production. Automatic welding for circumferential welding.
  2. Full specification, wide application. Working pressure could be maximum 16MPa.
  3. Quality inspection before delivery.
  4. Custom design available.


Attentions in operation


  1. Be sure steam header wall temperature is higher than 20℃ before increasing pressure. Temperature rise/drop rate during startup/shutoff should not exceed 20℃/h.
  2. A slow pressure increase/release is required to avoid stress damage.
  3. There should not be other valves between steam header and safety valve.
  4. A release valve is required when input steam is higher than output steam.

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