Gland steam condenser

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Gland steam condenser function


Gland steam condenser is a shell and tube heat exchanger used for steam turbine to collect and condensate steam leaked from shaft seals in thermal power plant. Normally, exhaust fan, steam ejector or vacuum pump would build negative pressure to extract leaked steam, which then condensate into water inside gland steam condenser.


Gland steam condenser working principle


Condensate flows through tubes and absorbs lots of heat from steam condensation. Condensate is heated and then overflows out of gland steam condenser.


Leaked steam flows through shell pass and releases lots of heat when passing by heat transfer tubes. Steam condensates into water on tube surface. This water will go back to steam-water circuit. Non-condensable air contained in leaked steam is pulled out by steam ejector on the top.


Basic operation steps of gland steam condenser:


  1. Make sure steam pipeline is clear.
  2. Make sure drainage pipeline is clear.
  3. Open condenser inlet/outlet valve.
  4. Open steam inlet valve, put steam ejector into operation.
  5. Condensate pump is stopped after condenser is stopped.


Gland steam condenser could improve thermal efficiency and reduce water consumption. As a professional manufacturer in China, we could offer tubes made of copper, stainless steel, titanium for choice. Shell could be made of carbon steel or stainless steel.


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