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What is combustion grate?


Combustion grate is used to keep solid fuels and make them burning effectively for grate firing system (different with suspension combustion and fluidized bed combustion). The whole grate system consists of two parts: framework and grate segment. Many grate segments are assembled as one and keep necessary space in between for air ventilation. Under different grates, there are separated draft chambers, which could adjust the volume of primary air for different combustion area. Fuel ash could be discharged manually or mechanically. Combustion grate and grate bar are usually used for boiler & furnace fired by solid waste and biomass, or small scale coal fired boiler.


Boiler grate types


  1. For fixed grate boiler, it is normally grate bar placed on supports around furnace. This type of grate could only feed coal and discharge ash by workers. Labor intensity is high, and combustion performance is not so ideal. It is suitable with small industrial boiler.
  2. For traveling grate boiler, namely chain grate boiler. Grate is fixed on holder above of chain. A wheel drives the chain, and grate travels forward slowly. Traveling speed could be adjusted by gear box according to coal types and boiler load. Chain grate boiler is featured with reliable operation, stable combustion, wide fuel adaptability, etc.
  3. For reciprocating grate boiler. This boiler consists of some fixed grates and some reciprocating grates. The design could be step grate or horizontal grate. Movable grates in reciprocating movement push coal layer towards combustion area.
  4. For vibrating grate boiler. It is normally water cooled grate boiler fired by biomass. Vibrating grate is actually an elastic vibration system. When it is set with suitable excitation force direction, amplitude, elastic plate, grate inclination, vibrating grate will make periodical forced vibration under the periodical excitation force. Biomass fuels on grate will jump up and down periodically from front to the end. Biomass fuels finish preheating & drying, burning, burning off during this movement. Water cooled vibrating grate could avoid damage caused by overheating, and avoid low-melting-point ash slagging on grate surface. It is featured with stable combustion, high efficiency.
  5. Underfeed stoker grate.


Boiler grate shape & design


water cooled vibrating grate

boiler travelling grate

reciprocating step grate

boiler grate of various shape & size


Boiler grate material


As grate works in boiler combustion furnace, it has to withstand high temperature in a hot environment. Boiler grate could be made from heat ressitant, high silicon, low alloy cast iron.




  1. High quality material, skilled casting process.
  2. Long service life, good shape under high temperature.
  3. Fast delivery, custom service.




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